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ALCALICA is a band based in Berlin and Mytilini (Gr) playing Industrial World Music: poetic drum’n’bass, elektro/dub music with vocals and traditional wooden instruments such as Persian santoor, Greek baglamas and kalimba. We play live in ever changing constellations adapting the music to the place and the people we play with. Recently Michalis Vrettas from Thessaloniki (Gr) joins us with his experimental violin as often as possible, his master of the instrument ranges from punk to classical, of course with lots of pedal effects.

ALCAICA has released 5 vinyls on photovoltaic records and appears on various compilations Most recently our remix of the magnificent Baba Zula was released on Doublemoon Remixed II.

ALCALICA is also a production company tailoring filmscores and sound design for feature films, art films, documentaries but also dance pieces, theater, promotion clips and the likes.

So far only pirate digital copies of our music are available for sale on the internet, this means that we don’t see a penny of it. If you want to purchase good quality recordings and released material just drop us an e-mail, we are setting up a shop here available soon. Of course on this site you will find a lot of music.

Our work is protected under creative commons copyright laws. This is a non-commercial licence which prohibits use « intended for commercial advantage or private monetary compensation. » If you use our work please name us: music by ALCALICA

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Le 19 mars 2017
  • de 21h00 à 23h59
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