The Toy Dolls en concert à Marseille !

The Toy Dolls en concert à Marseille !

S'abonner à Espace Julien Marseille (1) Terminé !

Espace Julien Marseille

39 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille

La SAS Concerts en accord avec L.A Factory présente :

▶︎ The Toy Dolls – Official + 1ère partie
▶︎ Mardi 3 décembre 2019
▶︎ Espace Julien Marseille
▶︎ Ouverture des portes à 19h
▶︎ Ouverture billetterie le 26 avril à 10h :

Slated by the British music press for being a joke ‘one hit wonder’ band and being on par with The Tweets, The Grumbleweeds, The Barron Knights and The Wurzels, here we are after 40 years, 13 studio albums, dozens of ‘best of’ albums, live albums, box sets and, more importantly, the 40 years of constant worldwide live tours, shows and festivals, playing to packed houses from Buenos Aires to Budapest.
Strangely enough, the band are not influenced by any of the above mentioned acts!
The band’s main man, lead singer / guitarist and songwriter Michael ‘Olga’ Algar (recognized throughout the world as one of the best punk guitar players around by fans a musicians alike) states his influences as Mick Green (The Pirates), Wilko Johnson and Chuck Berry, alongside The Jam, The Sweet and Slade.
Olga has guested on numerous artist’s albums, written and produced songs for bands, TV shows and TV ads, and The Toy Dolls have had their music used in films, Play Station games, and incidental TV music throughout the world.
Anyway, this is not meant to be a press release to defend the band.
The British press can say as they wish, while The Toy Dolls continue to release new studio albums and play to sold out live shows throughout the world to the best, and most loyal, bunch of fans a band could hope for.
With a stage show packed with synchronized jumps and dances, choreography, spinning guitars, and highly addictive melodies, this is escapism at its best!

En vidéo :


Espace Julien
39 Cours Julien,
13006 Marseille


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